Fear of knowledge

One of Freud’s most important findings was that humans have a subconscious fear of knowing their true self as this can attack the ego. At the same time, it is very important for people to understand themselves. This is another paradox of the psyche.

Worms and Gods. Maslow’s paradox

We carry both the potential for greatness and the fear of greatness in us. This paradox is what keeps us from growth, meaning and happiness. Even though you don’t think about it consciously, it registers subconsciously. You will feel unfulfilled and empty until you start growing towards your potential

The Victim Owner Choice

Owner Thumb

How you engage with problems and challenges will determine if your behaviour is victimised. Victim behaviour is a choice – a choice with dire consequences. Victims end up as unhappy, unfulfilled people that doesn’t grow. Choose to be an owner and start your journey towards growth, meaning and happiness.

The Engagement Scale

Spiritual nologo

How you Engage with work is often how you Engage with life. Use this scale to identify your relationship with your work or your life. The higher you engage the more you will fell fulfilled and happy – the choice is yours.

Engaged employees are not looking for an easy life

EG Diamonds

The biggest problem in our time: Companies are desperately trying to get their people to contribute more at the same time as people are desperate to get a bigger challenge. To have a meaningful work-life people need to do something with purpose, that makes them grow and make them part of something bigger than themselves. When you create meaningful work, you get better results and get happier and fulfilled employees.

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Outcome is not income.


When you move your attention to the outcome of an activity – often revenue and profit, you risk spending less time on what creates your outcome. People failing to deliver to expectations are not necessarily bad people. It could be wrong expectations, bad systems or external problems that have caused the difference. Spending time on the outcome rarely creates income. Don’t beat people up with data – share it instead.

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Thinking that you need to balance work and life will rob you of a quarter of your life.

It is time to humanise work. People have moved from standing at the conveyor belt to be on the conveyer belt. Companies treat people like a resource that need to be treated in a uniform way: “We have rules”. Being treated like a human is being treated as an individual, not a number. Companies that treat people like humans, involves them and challenges them owns the future.