Semiconductor Business Results, July 2017

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Can you wait a year to understand the strategic actions of Semiconductor companies or do you need quarterly updates?

If you are a Semiconductor Professional, a Strategic Purchaser or a Supplier to the Semiconductor Industry you need to understand what the latest results of semiconductor companies really mean.
We provide the most comprehensive analysis of the Q4-16 results of the top semiconductor companies to be used as the foundation for your strategic analysis and decision-making processes.

63 pages packed with Charts, Analysis, Strategic Models and Infographics.

43 charts comparing the Q4 results of top semiconductor companies with each other and average results.

8 Infographics Including The Semiconductor Value Chain, M&A Overview, Synergies and Meger balance sheet.

3 Strategic Business Model Analysis: The Competition Map, The Price Efficiency Gap & The Operating Model Grid.

Semiconductor Purchasers Index for Strategic Selection of Semiconductor suppliers.

You can buy the Semiconductor Business Results Quarterly here: SBRQ July 2017

Guidepoint Semiconductor Consulting



Claus Aasholm consults for Top Semiconductor Producers, Strategic Purchasers, the Investment Community and Companies selling equipment to the Semiconductor Industry. If you want to understand the latest developments in this fast moving industry, you need to talk to Claus.

He tracks all metrics of the semiconductor industry. He monitors the business models of top 30 semiconductor companies by tracking key financial metrics on a quarterly basis. Semiconductor companies reveal changes in strategy through financial metrics.

Semiconductor market metrics are also tracked by Claus. He has developed a new market metric that apart from traditional market models also is able to track new developing market like IoT, the Datacenter, GPU & Mobile market together with more established markets

You can get advice from Claus Aasholm through Guidepoint