Company Financial Results

Revenue by Company

After many years of absolute dominance, Intel has lost its top spot in the revenue rankings. Helped by the increasing memory prices, Samsung has overtaken Intel. This might be a temporary situation should the cyclical nature of the memory market make pricing drop again. There are however new dynamics in the memory market that might keep pricing high for an extended period. 



Growth Rates

The memory companies also dominate from a revenue growth rate perspective. Micron has had an outstanding year and Western Digitals acquisition of Sandisk is a lucky punch - it could not have been timed better. Analog devices are lifted by the acquisition by Linear Technology. Nvidia's results are once again truly outstanding and a result of their success in the AI applications in the datacenter. They could soon be a real threat to Intel. Sony has had a great year mainly driven by sensor sales into automotive applications.


Cost of revenue & GPM

GPM comparisons are only meaningful for pureplay semiconductor companies and here Intel dominates. From barely profitable, Micron is in solid black again. Also the rock-solid businesses of Broadcom, TI and Nvidia are notable.

Absolute revenue growth

Comparing Q2-17 to Q2-16 gives insight into what a massive increase in revenue taken not only by Samsung but all the memory companies. Samsung is not sitting on this newly acquired cash but are making significant reinvestments into new memory capacity.

Property, Plant and Equipment

Most semiconductor companies have outsourced most or all of their manufacturing to foundry services. This chart shows the value of PPE for Semiconductor companies (foundries excluded). For conglomerates PPE for the entire group is shown.