B2B purchasing is changing at a violent pace. Selling the same way does not work anymore.




Your salespople have been commoditised.

Buyers do not want Sales People in their Buying Process. They want an unbiased buying process. Your sales people have been reduced to price givers and order takers. You either need to get rid of them or upgrade them.

If your products and services add value to the customers you need to be able to deliver this knowledge early in the buying process. Your customers have access to plenty of information but they lack the insight


Sales people are not needed  in the buying process anymore.

Forrester estimates that by 2020, sales will not be invited before the point of ultimate commoditisation, leaving nothing but a price discussion.

It doesn't matter if they are hunters or farmers. They can be spinners or challengers. They will be invited when the customer knows exactly what they want and from whom. 

The customer does not need sales people, they need buying consultants. They do not need information, they need insights. They do not need products, they need value.


We cannot save all of your sales people - only the best

But you only need the best. Increasingly, your sales people are reduced to price givers and ordertakers. When they make no difference to the customers buying process, they make no value to your companys selling process either. The choice is simple: Replace them or upgrade them.

The Buying Consultant Program:

  • For the best of the best. A 12-month, 12 workshop program for 10 of your highest potential sales people.
  • Dedicating 10% of their time to the program, they will have weekly homework and monthly reviews and coaching sessions.
  • Their KPI's will shift from revenue to relations and connections. 
  • Their profiles will shift from sellers to insight providing buying consultants.
  • Consultant that will be invited to the customer buying processes.
  • The program is less than a 4 % overhead on the salary costs of your sales people.