Social does not belong to a department

Most companies are starting to understand that Social Networks are going to have a massive impact on their business. The internet was just the beginning - Social Networks will create and destroy corporations at an unprecedented pace. The traditional response is to assign Social Networks to a corporate function. If you assign it to marketing - it becomes Social Media Marketing. If assigned to sales - it becomes Social Selling. If assigned to R&D it becomes crowdsourcing and so forth. If you don't assign social to any department, it will be assigned to legal that will try and limit it.


Don't worry about Social Media leaks.

It is too late anyway. LinkedIn knows your people, their skills, and their ambitions a lot better than you do. They also know where they are going. Google and facebook know where your people are and who they are meeting. They know your customers, your partners and who you are looking to acquire. They know what is happening in your people's personal lives and what their preferences are. They know what they vote and who they love.


You need more people on Social Media, not less.

It is natural for companies to assume that allowing Social Networks represents a higher risk for the company. This false assumption is based on the fear that individual voices will be heard over the larger Social Media Choir. Hearing negative information about a company does not stop us from engaging. Not if there are sufficient positive voices at the same time. It is the job of everybody in the company to be part of the choir to counter any negative voices there already. You should not worry about your people being active on Social Networks - you should worry if they don't participate. 

Becoming more Social create hard business results

Social is not only about selling more stuff. Becoming more social has a material impact on many aspects of the corporation. Social can be used to add more value to the user, which in turn creates more revenue and profit at the same time as your service is decommoditised. Becoming social means that you will become more transparent and your reputation will become more important than your brand. Reputation is much cheaper than branding but cannot be faked. Replacing email with a social communication tool can save over 10% of all your employees time and social is a fantastic selling tool. 


We Prepare your Organisation for the Social Future.

Engagement Group offers keynote speeches that will change the perceptions your leaders have of Social and will prepare them for the future.

We offer strategy workshops using Social as a tool to increase efficiency, revenue, profit and customer value.

We train your people for the Social Future. How to navigate the new waters without sinking.