Product and Market Growth Charts

Growth of Selected Market Areas

Unlike many other industries, the semiconductor industry serves both mature, developing and embryonic markets with quite different growth rates. It is our ambition to create market categories as quickly as they develop and make the data available as fast as possible. The industry grew an average of 26,7% Q2-17 compared to Q2-16 dominated by industrial IoT, The cloud datacenter and autonomous driver assist systems in automotive. 


Semiconductor Product Area Growth

The traditional way of organising products is under pressure, especially with regards to processing products. Currently, we operate with 4 processing product categories but are likely to expand over time. With 26.7% overall semiconductor revenue growth, only GPU's grew above average in the processing category.


The Semiconductor Heatmap

It is possible to combine the growth rates of products and of markets in a heat map. Hotspots are easy to identify and can be used to form new strategies and business plans. In the Q2-17 heatmap it is possible to see how most of the growth in mobile is due to memory pricing - unit growth is modest. The datacenter is also impacted by memory pricing but still growing in units as can be seen in the other product categories. Automotive growth is in sensors and processors for infotainment and ADAS. 


Individual Heatmaps

We do heatmaps for the top 50 Semiconductor companies every quarter. If your strategy depends on Semiconductors, you can get access to our data through customised research or direct online access.