Growth Solutions

The world is changing faster than the corporation.

Immediately after the business world had to adapt to the age of the internet, it was hit by the avalanche of Social Networks. Many believe this change will dwarf the earlier challenges companies have faced as Social Networks represent a direct attack on the organisation of the corporation. As Social Networks are anti-hierarchical and uncontrollable, many corporations decide to limit their use and believe this will protect them from getting into trouble.

Interestingly business used to be social. It was based on relations between people. Then industrialisation dehumanised customers and employees by treating them as "Resource". Humans were just plankton for the corporate whale. Objectified into segments, forced into corporate processes and brutally sold to. But customers don't want to be sold to and they don't want to be in a selling process. They have their own buying process.

The introduction of the smartphone, the app and the Social Networks is setting people free. Free to investigate your product, free to find another job, free to say anything about your corporation they feel like.

Your company can decide to fight this development (we wish you the best of luck) or you can decide to set your sails so you benefit from these winds of change. We help you set your sails and get back to organic growth again.

We help your organisation compete in the new environment. We help you return to organic growth.

  • We prepare your organisation for Social Networks
  • We upgrade your sales organisation to a Social Selling Machine.
  • We change your communication to become effective on Social Media Marketing.
  • We change your communication so it engages all stakeholders.
  • We make your communication motivational.