Semiconductor Factbooks

A Strategic factbook is a tool for strategic semiconductor purchasers. Strategic selection of long-term semiconductor partners requires a detailed knowledge about the company and its business model. You want to align yourself with the kind of company that aligns with your strategy. The factbook should also be used for negotiating contracts. Negotiations can be significantly impacted by the suppliers business results and it is imperative for the purchaser to understand the situation. 

Our factbooks are a visual data reports without commentary or insights. The data will include the latest reported quarter data plus a few quarters history. For industry comparison data, the latest quarter where all companies have reported are used.

Contact Claus Aasholm for specialised semiconductor procurement reports and for negotiation training.


Q4-2017 Factbooks

Broadcom Hynix Intel Nvidia
Micron Qualcomm Samsung STM

Merger Factbooks

Broadcom, Qualcomm, NXP

Marvell & Cavium