Is it sensible to attempt to combine 90 business cultures into one?

The possible combination of 3 large Semiconductor companies is an extremely risky business operation. Apart from the operational elements the distinct cultures of Broadcom, Qualcomm and NXP would collide and create tension for many years to come. Anybody who has ever worked in a Semiconductor company knows that the individual cultures live for decades after the CEO has declared the merger successful and stated that only one culture prevails.


This specific combination is between three companies that have a predatory history and have bought many companies over time. Our research covers the last 10 years and shows that this business combination involves 87 other company cultures bringing the total to 90. Although it is likely that several of these cultures have not survived, the triple merger is certainly a risky operation.

We have visualised the complete merger story as a Metro Map that by the way has a similar size as the Washington Metro.




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