The day after the smartphone

We have become so used to our beloved smartphone that we cannot imagine a life without it. Predicting its death might be premature, but a day will come when the smartphone will be obsolete. The large tech companies are very aware of this fact and are working hard on what is next. A few technologies are potential replacements. By far the biggest threat is the rise of the automated assistants from Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and a few others. The living room has already quietly been entered by Apple. Once the power of the AppleTV has been fully released, you will be able to talk to SIRI in your living room

Mature Insights: Companies that create products or services that are dependent on buttons, screens, terminals and similar will be outmaneuvered by companies that use the smartphone as their interface.

Developing Insights: Companies that already have migrated to the smartphone via internet connectivity and apps need to think about how their products can be operated by SIRI and similar assistants. They also need to consider if they can give feedback to the customer in other forms than displays or even make decisions without involving the customer.

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