What if your IP is made worthless?

In the old world of competition, companies were trying to protect their intellectual product property through secrecy and patents. The IP made it possible for companies to charge their customer more for their product than their less innovative competitors. Although the competitive and product-centric business models still dominate the world there are new business models introduced that destroy the product logic of the past. Facebook does not have a product-centric business model and as such is threatening many companies. Facebook is interested in everything that creates content and that lower the cost of creating or sharing content. They have already released open source ethernet switch designs to stimulate more competition and lower costs for their server farms. Now the time has come for them to do the same with 360-degree cameras. In the process, they are destroying the business models companies trying to serve this market with their product-centric and IP base business models.

Sales Insight: Customers that have a product-centric business model can be attacked by companies with more innovative business models. How will your customer compete if there is no IP advantage? How will your customer compete with free? Move the sales conversation from features to business models and you will move your role from salesperson to consultant. You will still need to find a way to connect your offering to the potential new business model of the customer, but it starts with a different kind of conversation. A conversation that explores rather than manipulates.

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